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Ikut !

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friendship since 24th July 2010 :)

assalamualaikum w.b.t dan salam sejahtera

friends :)
they important in our life . they hear our problems .
they always be there when we need someone .
they makes me smile when we down .
they makes jokes , they say something funny .
then , all our sadness gone :)

Nur Hidayah Binti Abd Halim (left)
thank you for your kindness accept me as your friend .
thank you for care about me , makes jokes .
thank you for makes me laugh .
thank you for being such a great roommate and housemate .
forever , i will always remember it .
promise <3

Nurul Farahin Binti Roslan (right)
thank you for being such a great roommate .
although now we no longer known as roommate .
we still friend right ?
thank you for not forget me and always say HI when we meet outside .
thank you because came to our house .
loitering and talking about silly thing .
yes , always remember it <3

just one thing for both of you ,


ADaWiYaH said...

saya tak de ker???huhu

ZieZieQ said...

adawiyah : errr , ni untuk roommates lorr :D

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